Class Polling

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Our mission is to provide an opportunity for every student, even from the rural areas, to experience technology and have an insightful and engaged learning experience by active recall methods [Class Polling] with or without internet access

  1. To achieve this KC has designed a “Knowledge Checkers Answer Cards” which acts as an interface between the students and technology. Each of these Knowledge Checkers Answer Cards is unique to every student.
  2. The teacher uses this Knowledge Checkers Answer Card to assess the knowledge of the students prior to the class, during the class, or at the end of the class and engage the students in various class activities based on the outcome of the assessment
  3. The results of the assessment are captured and stored in the system for the teacher’s and students’ reference and can be communicated to parents, if required.
  4. The School Administrators can monitor the learning progress of every child and take necessary actions.
  5. KC has ensured that Knowledge Checkers is easy to use and will provide real-time support to teachers and students to ensure there is no loss of learning time.

Knowledge Checkers Answer Card class polling innovation is one of its kind in India, probably the first of its kind in India to deliver innovative pedagogy like Flipped Classes. Very soon, it will become an integral part of the school system.

What is Class Polling?

  1. Class polling is a tool to assess the knowledge of the students, prior to the class, during the class and after the class
  2. It checks if the students are preapred for the class, or attentive in the class and also to know if he has understood the class
  3. It also serves as classroom engagement tool and ensures participation of all students
  4. It also provide an insightful learing by providing instant feedback on their understanding
  5. The outcome of the poll is useful to determine the class activity for a deeper learning

Why Class polling?

The investigation of how the human mind best learns has begun as early as 1939, when Herbert f. Spitzer conducted a study on retention. The findings of his study seem to warrant the following educational implications:

  1. 1. Immediate recall in the form of a test is an effective method of aiding the retention of learning and should, there-fore, be employed more frequently in the elementary school.
  2. 2. Because recall can aid in fixing erroneous ideas, all tests or examinations should be returned to the pupil corrected, or the pupil should be given an opportunity to correct his own paper.
  3. 3. Careful consideration should be given to what is supposed to be learned and to the thoroughness of learning. Reading about a topic beforehand can augment the knowledge the subject already possesses
  4. 4. In all studies where the same tests are repeated, the possible effects of recall on retention should be recognized

A study by Andrew C Butler et al, 2010 showed that students that practiced active recall after going through the material once, had a 30% better performance on examinations than the students who just followed repeated studying techniques.

How does it work?

  1. The students are enrolled in the system
  2. The teachers generate unique knowledge checkers cards for each student from the system
  3. Teacher uses the mobile app to conduct the class polling
  4. Captures the results, which is instantaneously displayed for the students
  5. The outcome of the poll is recorded in the system
  6. If required parents can be sent automated email on the performance if their wards

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